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Sangue's Fan Fiction

23 March
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On this journal you will find nothing but fanfic. There’s a small archive of Btvs fanfic but mostly I write about and slash, Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy. In a livejournal post on my regular journal, I asked why, what was it that inspired me (and everyone else)? I’ve written more in the past few months than I have in a lifetime. My livejournal friend, eonism settled it for me. These are her words, not mine. No one has put it better than this! Thanks, bb!

"I love their closeness. I love their banter. I love their various shades of co-dependency. I love that they have to stand just so close to each other, and just have to touch each other, whether it's a pat on the back or a slap on the shoulder. I love that for all Bones' bitching, he still went with Jim so he could re-take the Kobayashi Maru. I love the breathy way they say each other's names when Jim comes back after saving Pike. I love that they're broken when they meet each other, and that they seem to make each other's pieces fit, whether through friendship or sex or just by simply being in the right place at the right time. I love that when Bones first goes toe-to-toe with Spock it's over Jim. I love that they met first, before they meet any of the rest of the crew. I love that they need each other, and trust each other, and love each other, whether it's in the way you want them to love each other or not, because they won't admit it anyway.

I love that Chris and Karl took these characters and made them so completely real in ways I didn't think could be done again. I love that when they're on screen together, I don't want them to be seperated. I love that if Pine!Kirk and Urban!McCoy started making out in the Transporter room before an away mission, nobody would really be that surprised, because the way they play them is just so full and fluid that the thought of them not being lovers kind of just confuses me. I love that no matter how hot the sex is in a fic, underneath it's all about the relationship - the trust, the need, the balance of their personalities and the way they come together to complete one another in ways they didn't even quite have figured out in TOS. I love that it's these things about them that make the sex even hotter to me (and that even the most boring, vanilla, under-the-sheets-with-the-lights-out-missionary fic is still scorching hot because of it), and I haven't met anybody who disagrees with me yet."

If you friend me for updates, thank you and pardon me if I don’t friend back – this journal really is just for fic. I have a regular, friends-only journal under my regular user name, sangueuk.


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