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Little Wild Bouquet part 5/6

This part approximately 8,200 words.

Summary, notes, disclaimer etc in part 1.

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FIC: Boy Toys

Title: Boy Toys
Rating: R
Warnings: none, just a slightly wacky metaphysical premise!
Word Count: approx. 6,700 complete
Summary: AU: Jim and Leonard are toys about to meet their new owner.
A/N: Inspired in part by space_wrapped 2012 prompt 110. AU: Jim and Bones are misfit toys, hoping/wishing to go together to a nice family with children who will love and play with them.

A million thanks to abigail89 for speedy beta-reading, also thanks to weepingnaiad for cheer-leading!

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Intriguing snippet: He pushes against a heavy weight, against the unmistakable presence of another body like his with no beating heart but yet utterly alive, radiating energy and personality. There’s a sleepy grunt, followed by muffled cursing close to his ear.
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FIC: Little Wild Bouquet - part 4/6

This part approximately 3,680 words.

Summary, notes, disclaimer etc in part 1.

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FIC: Little Wild Bouquet - part 3/6

This part approximately 5,370 words.

Summary, notes, disclaimer etc in part 1.

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FIC: Little Wild Bouquet 1/6

title: Little Wild Bouquet
23rd century AU, Star Trek (AOS) set in the mirrorverse - for the jim_and_bones Halloween Costume Challenge in response to the costume photo prompt ‘Robin Hood’.

characters: Kirk/McCoy, Pike, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty, and a couple of others but I don’t want to spoil :D
words: this part approx.. 2,700 words. WIP in 6 parts, projected 20-25K.
rating: nc-17
Summary: Jim Kirk is hiding out in Iowa Forest when he gets captured by a gang of misfits led by ‘Doc’ who mistakenly think Jim’s a cadet and hopes to claim a ransom from Starfleet. Like McCoy, in the past George and Sam Kirk have been involved in an underground movement to destroy the Empire and set up a republic, and are known as ‘crats’ - followers of democracy. Is Jim a chip off the old block, or will Doc be paying Jim to leave?
warnings: mirrorverse light. The rating is due to explicit man-sex a bit later :D although there are acts of violence, references to violence in some detail ‘off camera’, bad language and bad manners. Also some mild medical gore. And minor character death.
A/N: While this is mirrorverse, it is very light and based more on the concept of a society along the lines of ancient Rome where those in power are ruthless and above the law, while everyone else just muddles along best they can. And it’s an AU because… well things go a slightly different way than in the movie. Yes, complicated premise is complicated.
+Also, for the benefit of any readers who are still in USA, post-election mind-set, know that ‘republicans’ and ‘democrats’ have a different meaning in the context of this fic. The ancient Romans had those who wanted to preserve the empire with an emperor leading it, and those who wanted to establish a democracy and set up a republic. In my world, ‘crats’ are supporters of democracy and want to bring down the Empire.
+I nearly forgot – the title is a line from the poem/song Democracy by Leonard Cohen

Many thanks to the wonderful awarrington for beta reading and for so much more, such as asking questions that made me write plot!*gasp* Some of the ideas in the fic are totally hers, and many edits that make it better in every way (including science and doctor speak at which I suck) - thank you sweetie!
Also thanks to weepingnaiad for word warring with me, her support for my ghastly first drafts and for cheer-leading in general.

disclaimer: none of the characters are mine but belong to Paramount and Gene Roddenberry. I just making them play with each other’s naughty bits.

Intriguing snippet “Magnify fifty per cent,” he whispers, zooms in on the figure they’ve been tracking for two hours, watches him kick out the stand and step away from the bike. When the kid raises his arms to stretch, his leather jacket and t-shirt ride up revealing a brief flash of bare skin above low rise jeans. Leonard’s hands grip the binoculars harder and his mouth falls open in interest.

AMAZING ART by the wonderful, talented loobeeinthesky! It’s so beautiful!

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comment fic: Like a Stallion

pairing Kirk/McCoy, AOS

summary: A little comment fic I originally posted in May and now re-posted here for completion! Jim and Bones, Hikaru and Pavel have a piggy-back race on the beach. Inspired by the semi-weekly man-on-man-post HERE on jim_and_bones Community is members locked due to adult content.
rating pg-13
word count approx. 1000 words
warnings: none, un-beta-ed!

intriguing snippet: “Gid’up then, Jim – you’re either prize stallion or pet food. Which one’s it gonna be?”

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FIC: Blindfold

title: Blindfold
fandom ST xi
pairing Kirk/McCoy
rating nc-17
word count ~ approx. 2,000 words

summary PWP, folks! Jim and Bones are on shore leave, they have the house to themselves and there’s a blindfold! Commentfic Inspired by This Picture on the Semi-Weekly man-on-man feature at jim_and_bones. (Community is members-locked due to adult content.)

warnings none, other than it’s un-beta-ed :D

intriguing snippet: Leonard allows himself a smile, remembers Jim’s heated instructions before he left for his run: “Just put it on, Bones, it’ll be hot. Leave the door open so I can creep up on you.”

For norfolkdumpling - too late for your birthday, bb, but thank you for all you do!

Also on archive of our own
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title: Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart! part 4/5

N.B. All thanks and notes etc, including links to the soundtrack mix, A03 link, as well as the movie poster are to found in the Zing! Masterlist! And additional thanks to weepingnaiad for technical advice on Jim’s hacking skills and other daft questions she’s answered with such good grace. I don’t know what I’d do without you, bb!

The first track in this part, You and the Night and The Music is blocked in the USA. It's the only link I could find with this version. Sorry. :( But it is available in the download.)

zing poster small by norfolkdumpling

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